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Char­ac­ter Pro­file — The Whistleblower

Char­ac­ter Pro­file — The Whistleblower

Full name of Char­ac­ter: David James Mas­ter­son
Rea­son, mean­ing or pur­pose behind the name: Fam­ily name
Nick­name: The Whistle-blower
Rea­son for nick­name: Exposes cor­po­rate scan­dals
Race: Cau­casian — Irish Amer­i­can descent
Occu­pa­tion: Jour­nal­ist (inves­tiga­tive reporter)
Social class: Work­ing class

Phys­i­cal Appear­ance:
Age: 33
How old they appear: 23
Eye Color: Brown
Glasses or con­tacts?: Con­tact lenses
Hair colour length and style: Short curly dark hair
Weight and height: 85kgs + 6ft tall
Type of body (build): Medium
Skin tone and type: Oily
Shape of face: Oval
Dis­tin­guish­ing marks: Dim­ples, and clef in chin
Pre­dom­i­nant fea­ture: None
Is he healthy?: Yes
Why are they healthy?: Runs with girl­friend on the week­end
Do they look healthy?: Looks very healthy when clean shaven
Why?: Eats well + exercise

Char’s favourite colour: Red
Least favourite, why?: Grey, dull and mis­er­able
Music?: Reg­gae­ton
Least favourite music, why?: Opera – does not under­stand
Food: Spicy Rice with Peking duck
Lit­er­a­ture: Auto­bi­ogra­phies
Expres­sions: And the truth shall set them free
Exple­tives (curse): Fuck
Mode of trans­port: Car
Hob­bies: Hack­ing, trav­el­ling
How do they spend a rainy day?: Find­ing out lat­est infor­ma­tion from informants

Are they a dare­devil or cau­tious?: Cau­tious
Do they act the same alone as when with some­one?: More or less
Habits: Bit­ing nails, leav­ing the loo seat up
Drinks: Bud­weiser beer
How much: 2 or 3 bot­tles a week
Great­est Strength: Intel­li­gence and wit
Great­est Weak­ness: Naivety
Soft spot: Girl­friend
Is their soft spot obvi­ous, why/why not?: No, doesn’t talk about her much
If not, how do they hide it?: Doesn’t high­light, meets at her apart­ment
Biggest Vul­ner­a­bil­ity: Lack of loca­tions to hide out / highly visible

Home­town: Boston
Type of child­hood: Fun and active
First Mem­ory: Play­ing on an Apple com­puter
Most impor­tant child­hood event that still affects him: The false impris­on­ment of his father for 6 months, due to fal­si­fied records and tes­ti­mony from com­pany boss
Why?: Has a close bond with his father, and was greatly aggrieved when father was not in his life.
Edu­ca­tion: Mas­ters in Com­put­ing & Jour­nal­ism
Reli­gion: Bud­dhist
Finances: Money is tight now, but has a stash of cash in trust fund

Mother: Rebecca
Rela­tion­ship with her: Very close
Father: Frank
Rela­tion­ship with him: His men­tor
Sib­lings, How many, rela­tion­ship with each: One brother – very close
Chil­dren of sib­lings: none
Other extended fam­ily: close to a cousin on father’s side
Close? Why or why not?: Close as use to hol­i­day together

Most at ease when: Vis­it­ing par­ents
Most ill at ease when: When hav­ing to engage in ille­gal activ­ity to source infor­ma­tion
Pri­or­i­ties: The case he is cur­rently on
Philoso­phies: Life is for liv­ing
How they feel about them­selves: Loves him­self but not nar­cis­sist
Past fail­ure they would be embar­rassed to admit: Failed to hack into MIT uni­ver­sity when 16
Why?: Con­sid­ered him­self one of the top young hack­ers in the coun­try at the time, his con­tem­po­raries used MIT as ini­ti­a­tion test, had to get help to gain access
If granted one wish what would it be, why?: To have unlim­ited access to the Pen­ta­gon data­base to expose the untruths prop­a­gated by the government.

Opti­mist or pes­simist? Why?: Opti­mist, life is full of oppor­tu­nity, Human­ity is evolv­ing
Intro­vert or extro­vert? Why?: Extro­vert, loves to express
Dri­ves and motives: Expos­ing the truth, Want the dis­hon­est ‘higher ups to be brought low’
Tal­ents: Pre­mier hack­ing skills, types at 200 words per minute, hyp­no­tist
Extremely skilled at: Hack­ing com­put­ers
Extremely unskilled at: Draw­ing
Good char­ac­ter­is­tics: Ami­able, cheer­ful, polite, fun
Char­ac­ter flaws: Brings work home, obses­sive
Man­ner­isms: Always chew­ing pen tops
Pecu­liar­i­ties: Cul­ti­vates his infor­mants at soup kitchens
Biggest regret: Expos­ing a cor­po­rate scam that led to inno­cent vic­tims los­ing their homes
Minor regrets: Not spend­ing enough time with his girl­friend because of work, not hav­ing mar­ried her yet even though they’ve been engaged for 3 years
Biggest accom­plish­ment: Win­ning a Pulitzer prize for inves­tiga­tive jour­nal­ism
Minor accom­plish­ments: Rep­re­sent­ing state of Mass­a­chu­setts at National chess cham­pi­onships
Dark­est secret: Hack­ing into the phone & email of his fiance for 3 months when he incor­rectly thought she was cheat­ing on him
Does any­one know?: No
How did they find out?:N/A

One word they would use to describe them­selves: Hunter
What do they con­sider their best phys­i­cal char­ac­ter­is­tic and why: Face, baby face inno­cence means peo­ple under esti­mate, so he gets more info from them than they would want to give away.
The worst one? Why?: Face, baby face inno­cence means young girls (far too young) often approach­ing him
Are they real­is­tic assess­ments?: Yes
If not, why not?: N/A
How they think oth­ers per­ceive them: Obsessed
What thing would they most like to change about them­selves:
Obses­sive nature
Why?: Causes prob­lems in pri­vate life
If they were changed would they be the same per­son, why/why not?: No, would lose that relent­less edge he has

Inter­ac­tion with other peo­ple:
How do they relate to oth­ers?: Relates well, as long as they are not encroach­ing on his time when he is in the mid­dle of an inves­ti­ga­tion
How are they per­ceived by strangers?: Gre­gar­i­ous
Friends: A cou­ple good of Jour­nal­ists
Wife/husband/lover: Janine
First impres­sion of the char: Play boy
Why?: Baby face looks
What hap­pens to change this per­cep­tion?: Hear­ing him speak
What do peo­ple like most about this char?: Integrity
What do they dis­like most about them?: Relentlessness

Imme­di­ate: Find­ing out who killed his brother
Long term: Start­ing his own inves­tiga­tive mag­a­zine
How do they plan to accom­plish them: Using his hack­ing and report­ing skills in col­lab­o­ra­tion with hack­ers and jour­nal­ist con­tacts.
How will oth­ers be affected by this?: Some peo­ple may get hurt, but oth­ers will def­i­nitely get exposed

How do they react in a cri­sis?: With zeal, fren­zied work out­put
How do they face prob­lems?: He attacks them face on
Kind of prob­lems they usu­ally run into: Sources retract­ing state­ments
How they react to new prob­lems: Adds them to the pile
How they react to change: Enjoys change, as he is con­stantly deal­ing with chang­ing envi­ron­ments and situations.

Favourite cloth­ing, why: Jeans and a sweat shirt
Least favourite, why: Suits, uptight and for­mal
Jew­ellery: None
Other acces­sories: Engraved pocket watch made of white-gold given to him by dad for Pulitzer win
Dri­ves: Chrysler Oldsmo­bile
Where do they live: New York
Where do they want to live: Aruba
Spend­ing habits, why: Jew­ellery for girl­friend as often away, miss­ing arranged out­ings
What do they do too much of, why: Obsess – OCD nature
Most prized pos­ses­sion, why: Pulitzer award — recog­ni­tion
Peo­ple they secretly admire, why: Julian Assange the mas­ter hacker of his gen­er­a­tion and now founder of Wik­iLeaks
Per­son they are most influ­enced by, why: Father, who is his Mentor

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